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Church Army and Dr. Who
Andrew Wooding
Peace Mission to Iraq
Lyn Richardson
Whatever Happened to Billy Shears?
Steve Gpddard
The Welsh Revival
Glenys Sturgess
Let There Be Light
Sam Sorbo
Hardwired for Service
Tina Ramirez
Salvation Brass
Bryn Yemm
All in the family
Peter Wooding
Pat Boone's Pilgrimage to Israel, Rock Hudson's final hours
Pat Boone
A husband and wife team working in Hollywood
Terry Porter and Claire Hutchinson
Box of Butterflies
Roma Downey
Operation Mobilization founder talks about his book, Messiology
George Verwer
Perfectly Unfinised: Hollywood Actress Discovers God’s Redemptive Healing Through Brokenness
Andrea Logan White
Husband and Wife Hollywood agent and screenwriter
Terry Porter and Claire Hutchinson
American Friends of Tyndale House
Michael E. Boston
Dead Man Waking
Pastor Pete Cropsey
Movieguide 2018 -- Honoring the Best in Faith and Family Films
Ted and Evy Baehr
Dealing with problems in the family
Holland and Roxie Davis
Shot, incarcerated, and now a pastor in North Hollywood
Kris Brossett
From Being Homelesss to running the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network
Andrew Bills
Makanalani Kids
Eric Taylor
Former Irish Drug Addict who was Buried Alive, speaks ‘Words of Life From The Grave’
John Edwards
In Christ Alone
Keith Getty
Backstage Pass to Heaven
Jozy Pollock
Let There Be Light
Kevin Sorbo
Surviving terror in the skies and other priceless gifts
Jeanette Chaffee
Bob Dylan: A Spiritual Life
Scott M. Marshall
Health for India
NJ Varughese MichaelErwin
Unshaken: Standing Strong in Uncertain Times
Jeanne Nigro
The Caped Crusader still pressing on
Rick Wakeman
The Farmer and The Belle
Jenn Gotzon Chandler and Jim E. Chandler
Reporting from Israel
Cheryl Hancock-Watts
How the believing prayers of an Egyptian-born mother with cancer changed the life of Jessica
Mona Estefanos and Bonnie Brown
Bringing in the Harvest
John Collins
Serving the Persecuted Church
David Curry
A Trip into Music History
Pat Boone and two of his daughters -- Debby and Lindy
If There's A Mailbox In Heaven
Jimmy Christmas and the Summer of Love 50th Anniversary
Dr. James Adams
Joni talks about the re-release of her 1979 movie, “Joni”
Joni Eareckson Tada
My extraordinary life with Hercules
Sam Sorbo
A Hollywood journey
Terry Porter and Claire Hutchinson
The Holy Land Key
Ray Bentley
Dealing with problems in the family
Holland and Roxie Davis
West Coast Calvary Chapel Association Worship Conference
Holland Davis/David Rosales
Media Wisdom from Down Under
David Maegraith
Co-founder of the Orlando Magic talks about his latest book, The Success Intersection
Pat Williams
Life saving liver transplant for BBC broadcaster/Baptist pastor
Sior Coleman
Convene -- Business Performance. Eternal Perspective
Matthew Fullerton
Kirk Cameron
Because of Gracia
Mark Joseph, Tom Simes, Chris Massoglia and Moriah Peters
Soar: You Were Meant To Live For So Much More
Zoro, The Drummer
Forensic Faith
J. Warner Wallace
The Wall of Answered Prayer
Richard Gamble
Whatever Happened to Billy Shears?
Steve Goddard
A Father/Son/Grandson Reunion
Andrew and Edward Wooding
Terror in the Sky
Jeanette Chaffee
Turkish Delight
Isik Abla
Like Father, Like Son
Peter Wooding
In the Footsels of a missions legend
Steve Sumrall
Stepping where Moses stepped
Bonnie Brown
Meet the busiest Christian actor and producer in Hollywood
David A.R. White
The Case for Christ movie
Lee and Leslie Strobel
An Amazing story of Forgiveness
Dawn Smith Jordan
Higher and Higher
Leonard Wayne
Guidelines for Life
Harold and Bonnie Sala
Dealing with mental health problems in the family
Holland and Roxie Davis
God's Ambassadors in Japan
Kenny and Lila Joseph
A Russian Orthodox singer, songwriter and humanitarian
Armando Peralta
The Jesus Conversation
Tim Timmons
Reaching Out to the Latin World
Mark Kordic and Doug Livingston
We Believe in Love
Kevin Gould
From Homeless in Hollywood to running a TV Network
Andrew Bi
Serving the Lord in Hollywood
Morning Has Broken for the Caped Crusader
Rick Wakeman
After The Cheering Stops
Cyndy Feasel
A Valentine's Card from Heaven
Cliff Barrows
From drug addict, to the White House, and working for Billy Graham
Ken Barun
On the road to Mosul
Bob Armstrong
Bringing the message of Christ to the youth of Great Britain
Andy Hawthorne
A revolutionary new way to help individuals and ministries
Dan Southern and Lou Podesta
A love for Africa
Andrew Palau
Little Miss Dynamite
Brenda Lee
'Let's Join Together'
Kevin Gould
Dan Wooding’s sister Ruth shares about life growing up in a missionary family
Ruth Ross
From being son of Mennonite pastor to Hollywood actor
David A.R. White
Continuing the Harvest
John Collins
A Life of Joy and Pain
Sharon Leigh
All in the Family
Andrew and Edward Wooding
The Plain Truth of the Gospel
Greg Albrecht
God’s Mother & Daughter Team
Dr. Vicki Lee and Venus L. Burton
The Balanced Word
Dave Rolph
Ministering to overseas students in the US
Bill Bray and Debra Yarde
The New Religion Law in Russia
Dr. Bob Provost
Visit the Holy Land with Travelujah
Elisa Moed
Terror in the Sky
Jeanette Chaffee
In Christ Alone
Keith Getty
A Voice of Hope in the Middle East
Don Otis
Best-selling author talks about his latest book -- The Valley of the Dry Bones
Jerry B. Jenkins
Life on the road with Luis Palau
David Jones
Little Miss Dynamite still going strong
Brenda Lee
God's PR Man
Terry Warren
The Dragon King
Brian Godawa
A Harvest of Souls
Greg Laurie
The Young Messiah
Repeat of interview with this great Olympic Runner and POW
Louis Zamperini
Not All Roads Lead to Heaven
Dr. Robert Jeffress
Life as a Chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team
Ginger Sanders
Launch of new book, ISIS, Iran and Israel
Chris Mitchell, Bob Rieth, Florence LaRue, Rosey Grier and Susan Stafford
This award-winning singer discusses her long career and travels in Africa
Nicole C. Mullen
Sharing the love of Christ
Tom Phillips
Dangerous Love -- A True Story of Tragedy. Faith and Forgiveness in the Muslim World
Ray Norman
My Story
Dan Wooding
The story behind the movie, Masterless
Craig Shimahara
A Worldwide Worship Leader
Don Moen
A Life in the British media
Steve Goddard
Following in the footsteps of David Wilkerson at Times Square Church
Carter Conlon
Free at Last
Naghmeh Abedini
World Mission's Adventurer
George Verwer
The Plague of Pornography in the Church
Josh McDowell
The moving love story of Vonette and Bill Bright
Vonette Bright
A Miracle of Gods Grace
Ken Barun
The Singing Doctor
Dr. Shawn Hamilton
Life in France and the Paris terror attacks
Louis and Janey DeMeo
Back from the Eve of Destruction
Barry McGuire
The True Story of St. Nicholas
Stuart Lachlan Bennett
How I survived a bomb on TWA flight 840
Jeanette Chaffee
The Miracle in Pat Boone's life
Pat Boone
He’s the Founder and President of Every Man Ministries which helps churches to develop and grow healthy men's communities
Kenny Luck
GRAMMY ® Award winning recording artist, Darlene Koldenhoven, talks about her extraordinary life as a Christian in Hollywood
Darlene Koldenhoven
Skip talks about his new book, Defying Normal: Soaring Above the Status Quo
Skip Heitzig
A World of Missions
John Chubik
A Life of God's Grace
Sheila Walsh
The incredible story behind Captive
Ashley Smith and Brian Bird
The true story of Captive
Ashley Smith and Brian Bird
His spiritual journey from Far Eastern Religion to Christ
Mike Shreve
The Whosoevers
Ryan Reis
A Harvest of Souls with Greg Laurie
John Collins
Isaac Airfreight and a Seriously Funny Life
Dan Rupple
Hollywood veteran talks about his new movie, Captive
Brian Bird
Stand Your Ground
Jackie Carpenter
A father and son team combine to share the gospel through books and movies
Jerry B. Jenkins and Dallas Jenkins
A Life of Joy at Joy Junction
Jeremy and Elma Reynalds
Life as a rock singer, musician, poet, radio and TV host, teacher, writer and also a pastor
Brian Nixon
Why faith and family films are taking off in Hollywood
Dr. Ted Baehr
Passing the Baton, From Father to Son
Mike and Phillip MacIntosh
Unlikely: Setting Aside Our Differences to Live Out the Gospel
Kevin Palau
Best-selling novelist talks about his latest book, Empire's End: A Novel of the Apostle Paul
Jerry B. Jenkins
Veteran author and broadcaster talks about his new book, The Politically Incorrect Jesus
Joe Battaglia
Former Beatles Apple USA manager talks about his new book, Rock and a Heart Place
Ken Mansfield
An extraordinary story of drugs, the White House, and now working for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Ken Barun
Respected Bible teacher talks about his new book, America Turning a Nation to God
Dr. Tony Evans
Josh McDowell talks about his new book: God-Breathed: The Undeniable Power and Reliability of Scripture
Josh McDowell
Growing up the son of Dr. Bill and Vonette Bright
Brad Bright
DESTINATION JERUSALEM: ISIS, Convert or Die, Christian Persecution and Preparing for the Days Ahead
Chris Mitchell
ANS Writer Finds Love
Jeremy and Elma Reynalds
The story of Firm Foundations, Romania
Sarah Vienna
The Incredible story of the 'JESUS' Film Project
Paul Eschelman
Growing up a Schuller
Bobby Schuller
The inspring story of Christian Aid Mission
Amie Cotton and Brother Slavic
Hollywoood's busiest couple talk about their life and Christian faith
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey
The Global Access Conference
Joni Eareckson Tada and Ken Tada
Escape from Romania -- Return to Romania, as a Missionary
John Creanga
Jesus, Jihad and Peace
Dr. Michael Youssef
The Incredible Life of a Missionary Statesman
Dr. Dale Kietzman
Double Oscar-winning composer shares about his extraordinary life
Al Kasha
The story of Charitable Giving Foundation
John Carr
The story of Greedbegone and how it helps churches and ministries
Matt Klein and Jason Gold
The extraordinary life of a Hollywood legend
Ken Wales
On the Front Gate of Media
Scott Shuford
2nd Chapter of Acts
Matthew Ward and Annie Herring
The Early Days of Calvary Chapel
Chuck Smith
Life in Ukraine
George and Sharon Markey
Passing the Baton of Light
Beverly Powers
Missionaries of the World
Louis and Janey DeMeo
A repeat of the interview with the hero who would was 'Unbroken'
Louis Zamperini
I Remember...The Birth of Calvary Chapel
Sharon Fischer
I Remember...The Birth of Calvary Chapel
Sharon Fischer
Mary: My Story from Bethlehem to Calvary
Dan Wooding talks to Peter Benson on ABQ Connect about his new book
Helping the homeless, serving the persecuted
Jeremy Reynalds
Life with Petra and The Christmas Project
John Schlitt
Exploring Ephesus
Stuart Lachlan Bennett
'The Persecuted Church' -- Dan Wooding speaking at Hosanna Christian Fellowship
Dan Wooding
The Hollywood actor talks about his new movie, 'Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas'
KIrk Cameron
Ministry to Muslims
George Saieg
Taking Ambassadors for Peace to the world's largest Muslim nation, Indonesia
Garry Ansdell and Javier Aguayo
What If Your Child Is Killed In Mexico?
Gene Kiepura
Youth for Christ is still going strong after more than 70 years
Geordon Rendle
Orality: Changing the Face of Missions around the World
Jerry Wiles
The Mossy Foot Project
Sharon Daly
“When Calls the Heart”
Brian Bird
A True Hero of the Church reaches 90
Dale Kietzman
An Australian Pilgrim Missionary healed of Cancer
Geoff Richards
Worship in Action
Don Moen
Walking on Water with Jesus
Bryan Jennings
A wife’s courageous battle to free her husband, Saeed Abedini, from a brutal Iranian prison
Nagmeh Abedini
The inspiring story of Joni and Ken – and Joni and Friends
Joni Eareckson Tada and Ken Tada
A talented singer shares her music and talks about her ministry, Firm Foundations Romania
Sarah Vienna
No Compromise: The amazing story of Melody Green and her late husband, Keith Green
Melody Green
Unbroken, the incredible story of an Olympic Runner and World War II hero, who found Christ
Louis Zamperini
Heaven Hears -- How Prayer Resulted in a Miracle in the life of Ryan Corbin
Lindy Boone Michaelis and Mark Desmond
His latest book, “Coach Wooden’s Greatest Secret”
Pat Williams
“Rattles and Rosettes,” a new novel which features two English soccer fans living in different centuries
Steve Goddard
Billy Graham is, at the age of 95, is still bringing 'My Hope' to the world
John Cass and Steve Rhoads
Discussion about Cornuke's new book, “Temple: Amazing New Discoveries that Change Everything About the Location of Solomom's Temple”
Robert Cornuke and Bonnie Brown
Broadcasting 'Life' to the 'City of Death -- Auschwitz
Henry Krol
A Christian warrior and his courageous battle with Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Ted Bleymaier
A Love Song to Jesus -- and travels with Pastor Chuck
Tommy Coomes
A Light in Africa
Lynn Gissing -- Mama Lynn
'Leaving the American Sector' to help the children of Eastern Europe with 'Mercy Projects'
Jeff and Paula Thompson
How a family joined together to make “The Identical,” a movie starring Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd..
Yochanan and Jerry Marcellino
What is was like to play Mary in 'Son of God' movie
Roma Downey
The Power of God's Names
Dr. Tony Evans
What is like to be a Grammy®award-winning singer based in Hollywood
Darlene Koldenhoven
A loving memory of their late son, Matthew Warren
Rick and Kay Warren
The President/CEO of Open Doors USA shares about persecution around the world
Dr. David Curry
Gospel for Asia founder talks about the 'Veil of Tears' movie and the ministry in South Asia
K.P. Yohannan
Alone Yet Not Alone
Joni Eareckson Tada and Ken Tada
The Holy Land Key: Unlocking End Times Prophecy Through the Lives of God’s People in Israel
Ray Bentley
My Life to the Beatles -- and Jesus
Ken Mansfield
The Best-Selling Author who never gets Left Behind
Jerry Jenkins
A Hardwired Campaigner for the Persecuted
Tina Ramirez
Two Far From Retiring Missionaries to the World
Alan and Pat McIver
How to engage in Cybermissions
John Edmiston
This talented Christian couple talk about their new movie, 'Son of God'
Mark Burnett and Roma Downey
Still 'Unbroken' after all these years
Louis Zamperini
Also known as the “Gadfly”, Eddie talks about his audacious protests in Beijing and Iran on behalf of persecuted Christians
Eddie Romero
Gloria Gaither, wife of Bill Gaither, talks about their long career and their Gaither Homecoming Bible
Gloria Gaither
Overcoming the pain of losing a son
Joe and Therese Furey
The famed actor talks about his nationwide tour of C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters
Max McLean
Will Graham, talks about his beloved grandfather, Billy Graham
Will Graham
From cruise ship singer and dancer to worship leader
Jim White
Two leaders of Youth for Christ International, one Australian, the other Canadian, share about this worldwide ministry
David Wraight and Geordon Rendle
Cry Out, the story of an American-born woman who, along with her dedicated team, provide material, emotional and spiritual support to families of disabled children and young adults in Turkey.
Norita Erickson
How Tony and Sue Anderson said YES to God
Tony and Sue Anderson
Dan Wooding talks about his 'Mary' book to Norm Nelson on Compassion Radio
Dan Wooding
Ministering to the Totonac Indians of Mexico
Dr. Dale Kietzman, Peter Petry and David Tamez of Latin American Indigenous Ministries
The Rabbi Who Found Messiah
Chuck Missler
A Miracle Working God
David and Norma Pagani
Serving the Suffering Church
David Curry, President/CEO of Open Doors USA
The extraordinary first-hand story of the Jesus People Revival at Calvary Chapel
Chuck Smith
The Family and faith defender from the Pacific Justice Institute describes the day he nearly lost his life
Brad Dacus
Dan Wooding talks about his Mary book with Roger Marsh on The Bottom Line, KBRT AM740
Dan Wooding
The young singer talks about her battle with Tourette's Syndrome
Jamie Grace
Bringing the Good News to Greece
Nico Bougas
From being 'Mr. Nasty' to launching the Insight Film Festival
John Forrest
Leaving the American Sector
Jeff Thompson
From Left Behind to Unstoppable
Kirk Cameron
Bringing the Good News to the Middle East and North Africa by Satellite TV
SAT7 Team
How we can know the Bible is true
Dr. Peter Williams of Tyndale House, Cambridge, England
The Joys and Struggles of Growing up a Boone
Three of the four daughters of Pat Boone
Bond of Brothers: Connecting with Other Men Beyond Work, Weather and Sports
Wes Yoder
An interview with the author of more than 180 books, including the 63,000,000-selling Left Behind series, written with Dr. Tim LaHaye
Jerry B. Jenkins
Working with world evangelist, Luis Palau
David Jones
My life with Petra
John Schlitt
He talks about his friendship with Elvis, and the darkest day of his life
Pat Boone
Raising the Dead
Dr. Chauncey Crandall and his wife Deborah
So I Can Tell, the moving story behind her latest album
Cheri Keaggy
Heaven Hears: Pat Boone’s daughter recounts the true story of what happened when her famous father asked the world to pray for her son’s survival
Lindy Boone Michaelis
“In Christ Alone”, the story of an Irish singer-songwriter
Keith Getty
Easter Song: The story of the 2nd Chapter of Acts by two of its three members
Matthew Ward and Annie Herring
Former Stanford football player follows in the footsteps of Lou Gehrig with his own battle with the disease
Ted Bleymaier
Hope for Hurting Hearts
Greg Laurie
'These Are the Days of Elijah: How God Uses Ordinary People to Do Extraordinary Things'
Dr. R.T. Kendall
'Gangster Redemption'
Larry Lawton
He died from a “widow maker” heart attack, came back to life, and is now serving God around the world
Daniel Scalf
A Christian Lawyer's Battle for Britain
Andrea Williams
An interview with Billy Graham's singer for some 60 years
George Beverly Shea
The Secret Life of a Fool -- his new book
Andrew Palau
Gospel for Asia’s Quiet Revolutionary
K.P. Yohannan
“Genius” their new movie based on the life and tragic murder of John Lennon.
Ray Comfort and Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne
Actress Nancy Stafford, a True Ambassador for Christ in the Entertainment Industry
Nancy Stafford
Helping the Asylum Seekers of London
Adrian and Pauline Hawkes
Rick Warren at NRB 2013
Rick Warren
Rick Warren talks about new radio show, PEACE Plan, and Oprah Winfrey Show
Rick Warren at NRB 2013
From Hercules to Abel's Field
Kevin Sorbo
A life of sharing Christ in the media
Stuart Bennett
Reunited: Two journalists from London
Michael Ireland
“Spirit Hunger,” the wife of a former Major League baseball star, shares about her new book and her life
Gari Meacham
A Martial Artist for Christ
Ken Kellogg
A Broadcasting Miracle in South Lebanon
Don Otis
Launch of the Dale Kietzman University
Dr. Dale Kietzman and Andre Talla
From serving the aborigines of Western Australia to leading Youth for Christ worldwide
David Wraight
A singer-songwriter who worked with Dan Peek of America
Brian Gentry
Battling for the Persecuted
Tina Ramirez
Ministering to a Hurting World
Louis and Janey DeMeo
Helping the Broken Hearted
Dave and Beth Weikel
Tears of the Forbidden Fruit -- From being a felon to a ministry behind bars in a prison ministry
Candy Snyder
Redeeming the media
Dr. Ted Baehr
The Beatles and the Book of Revelation
Skip Heitzig
Praying the News
Craig von Buseck
The lead singer of the 5th Dimension shares her story
Florence LaRue
A look back at the Jesus Movement and the video about it called What God Has Wrought
Chuck Smith
Missionaries to Bangladesh for 33 years and now translating the New Testament into Muslim-friendly English
Dr. Vic and Joan Olsen
A Look at Short Wave Radio and the legacy of J. Vernon Mcgee
Gregg Harris
A Unique Missions Trip to Help Special Needs children in Ukraine
Peter and Anna Wooding
The dramatic story of an Ambassador for Peace
Javier Aguayo
A Life in Christian music
Bryan Duncan
How I forgave the bomber who tried to kill me (and Margaret Thatcher)
Harvey Thomas
Feeding the World
Steve Summrall
My 25 years at Wesminster Chapel, London, and my friendship with Yasser Arafat
Dr. R.T. Kendall
A Woman of Faith
Sheila Walsh
A Life in Christian Broadcasting
Craig and Janet Parshall
An interview with the new president and CEO of Christian Aid Mission, the oldest mission agency focusing exclusively on the support of indigenous missions
Randy Vaught
Reaching the world with the Gospel through HCJB Global
Wayne Pederson
An interview with the best-selling author who has sold some 80 million books
Max Lucado
The miraculous story of Ken's battle with drugs to working for Nancy Regan and Billy Graham
Ken and Sothea Barun
The Upper Room Christian Coffee House
Ron Strand
Hospital Christian Fellowship: Christian medical professionals ministering to the sick
Aubrey Beachamp
Life in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia
Jed Gourley
The legend chaser: He is a former FBI trained police investigator and SWAT team member and now a Biblical investigator, and also involved with Promise Keepers
Bob Cornuke
Julia Chadwell talks about Little Texas Sweetheart, her book which is a gripping first-hand account of the terror of domestic violence
Julia Chadwell
The extraordinary story of a nurse from Kurdistan, Northern Iraq
Taylar Moy
Carl Westerlund describes his many years training Calvary Chapel pastors and leaders
Carl Westerlund
An interview with Bruce Wilkinson, author of the Prayer of Jabez, and Kathleen Eaton, founder of Birth Choice Health Clinics
Bruce Wilkinson and Kathleen Eaton
An interview with Olga Robertson, who for 50 years has been a missionary to the most dangerous prison in the Philippines
Olga Robertson
Dan Wooding discusses with his sister Ruth the lives of their missionary parents to Nigeria
Ruth Ross
Next Wave: YWAM Ship Skipper's Marathon Effort to Set Sail Across Europe
Herman and Nellike Barkmeijer
All in the Family -- Dan Wooding interviews his two sons
Andrew and Peter Wooding
Bringing the message of love and hope through riding the surf waves around the world
Tom Bauer
Generations of Virtue Ministry
Julie Hiramine
Ambassadors for Peace in Indonesia
Garry Ansdell and Ameal Haddad
The Privilege of Persecution: And Other Things the Global Church Knows That We Don't
Carl Moeller
Billy Graham's granddaughter talks about her life and new project, Ransom TV
Cissie Graham
The Australian-born singer talks about her life, her recent marriage, and her support for the pro-life movement
Rebecca St. James
My Life with the Beatles -- and Christ
Ken Mansfield
A Marriage Made in Heaven
Joni Eareckson and Ken Tada
Why the editor of City Light News in Calgary, Alberta, brought a team from Canada to help out a ministry in South Central L A.
Peter McManus
A Christian, father, husband, Marine, FBI agent, and now author
Bob Hamer
Corporate professional who sank in depression and homelessness and is now an advocate for Joy Junction homeless shelter
Jonathan Matheny
From being homeless, he now helps the homeless
Jeremy Reynalds
The incredible story of a rock survivor who found Christ
Barry McGuire
A look at the ministry of Door of Hope International
Paul Popov
Seek Ye First -- in interview with the composer of this fine worship song
Karen Lafterty
A look inside the mysterious country called Nagaland with Tim Phillips and a pastor from there
Tim Phillips
A trip back to the exciting days of the Jesus People Revolution
Chuck Smith
Chuck Smith talks about his lung cancer
Chuck Smith
The Early Days of the Jesus Movement
Tom Stipe
A Love Song for Jesus
Chuck Girard
Meet the actor who plays John Wesley and St. Patrick
Roger Nelson
The founder of Movieguide talks about the Christian influence on Hollywood
Ted Baehr
A Christian publishing veteran shares his amazing story
Les Stobbe
A pastor deals with a weighty problem
Steve Reynolds
Best selling author faces fire tragedy
Cec Murphey
Broladcasting the Good News to the South Pacific Islands
Graham Carter
Out of North Korea
C. Hope Flinchbaugh
Growing up as the son of Chuck Norris and his ministry today
Mike Norris
A veteran missionary to Japan talks about the earthquake and his long ministry there with his wife Lila
Kenny Joseph
How a neurosurgeon from San Diego discovered the power of prayer
Dr. David Levy
A Uganda pastor and medical man who believes in divine healing
Dr. Lamec Lumala
The Australian Footplate Padre, Sports Chalain,and Journalist Who Overcame a Great Childhood impediment
Mark Tronson
A dedicated Austrlian couple bring the love ot Christ to the world through the Global Development Group:
Geoff and Betty Armstrong
An Aussie takes missions to the world
Lyn Richardson
Author David Bentley talks about his intriguing novel ‘Wedding Haircut: A Prenuptial Rite of Passage for 9/11 Terrorists’
David Bentley
Son of KP Yohannan, talks about his life growing up in this extraordinary family in India
Danny Yohannan
How being homeless caused a British immigrant to start New Mexico's largest homeless shelter
Jeremy Reynalds
Following in the footsteps of a legendary Christian filmmaker who brought Christian history to life
Bill Curtis
A Cold Case Detective Examines the Bible
Jim Warner Wallace
Love That Keeps on Growing
Pete and Bev Caruso
God Reports and Missions in India
Mark Ellis and Jossy Chacko
From Vietnam to Hollywood
Terry Porter
The exciting early days of Calvary Chapel
Hal and Sharon Fischer
Leaving the American Sector -- Missionaries to Eastern Europe
Jeff and Paula Thompson
Paul and Melanie Billings CC Missionaries working in Kyrgyzstan
Paul and Melanie Billings
Life as a missionary in Eastern Europe despite losing her husband George Markey
Pam Markey
Providing Hope to South Central Los Angeles
Doug and Cathy Kelley
Birth Choice: Best-selling author and Birth Choice founder talk about why they are pro-life
Bruce Wilkinson and Kathleen Eaton
Founder of Operation Mobilization shares about his love for movies
George Verwer
An interview with one of the world's greatest guitarists
Phil Keaggy
The extraordinary story behing Heart of God ministries
Jan Ross
Oscar-winning actor Lous Gossett Jr. talks about his career and faith
Lou Gossett Jr
Indian-born Ravi Zacharias shares his life story
Ravi Zacharias
A conversation with Billy Graham's grandson who is following in his footsteps as an evangelist
Will Graham
From Business Sucess to Serving Christ
Roger Wing
From Abuse to Victory
Fern Decker
Earthquake, rock and roll evangelism in Japan
Marre Ishii
He is 102 years old and has just won a Grammy
George Beverly Shea
Gracia Burnham tells the powerful story of her kidnapping by Muslim terrorists, along with her husband, Martin
Gracia Burnham
Going for Gold. An interview with John Naber, one of America’s most successful Olympic swimming champions.
John Naber
The story of His Channel
Dennis Swick
A Journalist's view of Israel
Doug Koop
Why An American Says 'Travelujah' To Christians Visiting the Holy Land
Elisa Moed
He moved from India to Israel to be a tour guide for the Biblical sites
Ben David
Personal evangelist to the world
Steve Coon
From Englang, to America, to a missionary to the world
Ted Seymour
From Hollywood to India, Her inspiring testimony
Jennifer Wilde
Louis Zamperini At 93, Going On 94, Is Still ‘Unbroken’ After All These Years. He was an Olympic athlete in Berlin where he met Hitler, a Prisoner of War of the Japanese during World War II, and is still sharing his Christian faith
Louis Zamperini
Why this pastor and his family are moving to Kurdistan to start a church there
Pastor Dave Gonzales
How Open Doors is Helping the Persecuted Church Around the World
Carl Moeller
The amazing story of the Plain Truth and its transformation
Greg Albrecht
Phil Twente tells the story of Calvary Chapel missionary Sid Barnes who died in March 2010 in Ghana
Phil Twente
An interview with an Australian pastor who is an expert on Islam
Mark Durie
Dan Wooding interviews his eldest son about his extraordinary life
Andrew Wooding
Interview with a Christian cancer specialist from Mexico
Dr. Francisco Contreras
An interview with best-selling author, Joel Rosenberg
Joel Rosenberg
A Missionary to the World
Geoff Richards
Life as a Military Chaplain
Chaplain Jim Linzey
An Oasis of Hope for Cancer Patients
Dr. Francisco Contreras
Like Father, Like Son. Peter Wooding talks about his broadcasting life and missions outreach
Peter Wooding
Nearly four decades of Jersey Overseas Aid from “The Small Island with the Big Heart”
Jean Le Maistre
The Southern Africa director of Tearfund talks about the challenges in his region
Donald Mavunduse from Zimbabwe
Update on the Church in Cuba
Jack Walker and Dr. Victor Samuel Gonzales from Cuba
A Christian doctor battles Cancer
Dr. Francisco Contreras
Twenty-five years of KWVE -- The Wave of Living Water
Richard MacIntosh
Broadcasting in the Pacific Islands
Graham Carter
The Extraordinary story of the 'Giigle' lady
Bonnie Brown
The Power of ’People Power’
Dick Innes
My story of being a member of the Hearst family and how I found Christ
Victoria Hearst
Lost Boy -- Greg Laurie shares about his extraordinary life and the Harvest Crusade
Greg Laurie
From the British House of Lords to the hot spots of the world -- in the name of Christ
Baroness Caroline Cox
Nazareth-born comedian reaches America with the Gospel
Missionaries to the world
Stuart and Jill Briscoe
Ministering in Cuernavaca, Mexico
Jim Foote
Maximum Generosity and a battle with Cancer
Brian Kluth
Encore broadcast of interview with Calvary Chapel missionary, Sid Barnes, who is missing possibly in Ghana
Sid Barnes
Billy Graham's veteran media man discusses his many years of working with the world's most well-known evangelist
A. Larry Ross
The Warrior Princess from Zambia
Princess Zulu
Enough is Enough -- the ministry of Donna Rice Hughes
Donna Rice Hughes
A dramatic life from drugs, to the White House, to Billy Graham
Ken Barun
The work of Gospel for Asia in India and South Asia
Danny Yohannan
A Voice Louder than Rock and Roll: The extraordinary testimony of a top rock guitarist
Caleb Quaye
Son of Hamas
Mosab Hassan Yousef
The Welsh Revival
Carl Brettle
The persecuted church around the world
Dr. Carl A. Moeller, President/CEO of Open Doors USA
Leaving the American Sector: Two Eastern European veterans talk about their ministry there
Jeff Thompson and Peter Wooding
Street Corner Symphony: the extraordinary story of the Born-Again Doo-Wopper
To Russia with Love -- Allan Esses describes his time in Moscow as a pastor and his new ministry in the US
Allan Esses
Mission to the French speaking world
Louis and Janey DeMeo
Christianity in Nigeria and recent problems in Jos
Dr. Danbahaushe Bako and his daughter Helen talk about the situation in Nigeria
The Story of Tyndale House, Cambridge
Peter J. Williams
Why Evangelicals Love Israel
Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren interviewed by Dan Woooding
God's Ambassadors in Japan
Kenny and Lila Joseph, veteran missionaries to Japan
My new life in Kurdistan
Sharon Linzey
From being homeless in Paris to sharing the Gospel with the Tamil world
Brother Jerad, a Tamil now living in France
A visti to Jordan
Ameal Haddad and Isam Ghattas
How is serving pilgrims to the Holy Land
Elisa Moed interviewed in Tel Aviv
Seeing miracles behind bars in China
Pastor Paul, House Church leader from China
The Challenge of China
Brother Eugene and Sister Esther from China
Leaning into God: When Life Is Pushing you Away
Dan Wooding Interviews Robert A and Donna Schuller
Escape from the Fire
Dan Wooding interviews Wayne Zschech and Micah Claycamp in Kiev, Ukraine
Heavenly Music
Dr. Jung-A-Lee, organist, pianist and conductor
Dan Wooding 's interview with Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Sheffield England
Archbishop Desmond Tuto
Dan Wooding interviews Dr. Bishara Awad, founder of the Bethlehem Bible College
A Shining Star in Bethlehem
A Marriage Made in Heaven
Dan Wooding interviews Joni Eareckson Tada and her husband Ken Tada
Messianics in Israel
Dan Wooding interviews Messianic leader Daniel Rozen in Jerusalem
‘No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs’
Dan Wooding interviews Lord Taylor of Wawick
He was homeless and now he helps the homeless
Dan Wooding interviews Dr. Jeremy Reynalds at Joy Junction
The future of Christian broadcasting
Dan Wooding interviews NRB President, Dr. Frank Wright, in Jerusalem
‘Shalom at Last: An Israeli’s Journey to Jesus’.
Dan Wooding interviews Miriam and Shlomy Abramov in Jerusalem
Preaching the Gospel in 'The Other Iraq'
Dan Wooding interviews David Gonzales about his trips to Kurdistan
Just Give Me Jesus
Dan Wooding interviews Billy Graham's second daughter, Anne Graham Lotz
Rock of Africa
Dan Wooding interviews Glen Megill of Rock of Africa and Taps, a Zimbabwean musician
Dan Wooding interviews Egypt McKee, an Author, Speaker and founding Pastor of Out of Egypt Ministries
Egypt McKee
Greg and his son Jonathan talk about the sad lost of Christopher Laurie
Greg and Jonathan Laurie
How Sister Act inspired some 30 'black' gospel choirs in Japan
Ken Taylor, missionary to Japan from the Philippines
God's Ambassadors in Japan
Kenny and Lila Joseph interviewed in Tokyo, Japan by Dan Wooding